HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS is the ultimate “Tribute” to Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band!


HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS is the ultimate “Tribute” to Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band!  They will be at the Junction on July 5th 2014!

This NJ based powerhouse has set out to re-create everything about Bob and his music right down to the smallest detail. Determined to leave no stone unturned, HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS tours with and hits the stage every night with a Baby Grand Piano! The band, and all of the members in it, prides itself on continuing the amazing groundwork laid down by Bob over the past 30 years! We share the belief that only Bob and his fans have come to know, learn, and love: Represent the voice of every fan – his or her own values, working-class background, and the love of Rock and Roll...

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Mamkin plays The Junction! August 1st and 2nd!

mamakinMamkin plays The Junction! This will be their 9th year in a row on August 1st and 2nd.

We are often asked why we would drive a long way just to play a show. Many times we ask ourselves that same question, and every year for the last nine years, Mama Kin is reminded why. We drove fourteen hours to Maine and pulled into the venue at noon where we were greeted by our host Don Belvin, who after a round of hugs from him and his family, told us he had set up a part of his home for us for our stay. His wife Connie also told us she was cooking us up a nice dinner. After the initial excitement and a refreshment we quickly set up the stage and then went to have a nap so that we could wake up in time for soundcheck and supper.

After a couple of hours of sleep we headed to the stage and did a quick so...

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Welcome to The New Junction General Website!

Welcome to a new year full of new things happening at the The Junction General!  We have lots of bands coming back and some new ones too!  We have plenty of other events going on as well, like the Mud Runs!

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